pairfam Conference

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Poster Sessions

Poster Session I, Thursday, June 30, 2016, 15:00 - 16.00

Instruments, Interventions and Children's Well-Being

  • Non-Resident Fathers and Children’s Self-Reported Psychosocial Well-Being (Thomas Altenhoven &  Sandra Krapf)
  • Parental Commuting and Children’s Well-Being in Germany (Christine Borowsky)
  • Family-Life With Mobile Media (Susanne Eggert & Gisela Schubert)
  • Health of Young People Aged 11 to 17 Years in Single-Parent, Step and Nuclear Families. First Results of the KiGGS Cohort Study (Petra Rattay & Elena von der Lippe)
  • Using the Five Minute Speech Sample to Assess Family Emotional Climate - Application and Extension in German Samples (Wolfgang A. Rauch)
  • The Interplay of Co- and Self-Regulation Parent Training Programs to Promote Self-Regulation in Very Preterm Born Children (Verena C. Vetter, Kim A. Gärtner, Silke Hertel & Gitta Reuner)
  • Can Couple-Focused Programs Improve Child Adjustment? A Randomized Trial (Martina Zemp, Anne Milek & Guy  Bodenmann)

Poster Session II, Friday, July 1, 2016, 10:30 - 11:30

Beliefs, Roles, Transitions and Coparenting

  • Longitudinal Influence of Parental Self-Esteem on Couple and Coparental Satisfaction (Nahema El Ghaziri, Joëlle Darwiche & Jean-Philippe Antonietti)
  • Determinants of Coparenting in Stepfamilies and With the Non-Resident Parent – What Is Relevant (Christine Entleitner-Phleps)
  • Egalitarian Partnerships in Germany : Definition, Prevalence and Key Correlates (Magdalena Gerum & Claudia Zerle-Elsässer)
  • (Re)Partnering mothers: Doing Family After the Transition to Lone Parenthood (Ornella Larenza & Laura Bernardi)
  • Intergenerational Value Transmission in Polish Immigrant Families in Austria (Monika Potkanski)
  • Association of Specific Stepfamily Dynamics With Marital, Coparental and Child Difficulties (Gloria Repond & Joëlle Darwiche)